Catch Sipho Hotstix Mabuse Talking Being Penny-Wise & Khuli Chana Speaks On Getting Scammed!
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AMPD Studios Is Back with Icon Hero Conversations set to empower, inspire and amplify your success in the music industry.

It is common knowledge that all musicians aspire not only to achieve fame, but they also seek to achieve the fortune their success could potentially bring.

However having a lot of money is a fairytale for many South African musicians, who sadly generally have a tendency to spend recklessly, blowing money with the thinking that tomorrow you will automatically receive more! So often, this is primarily due to the very simple lack of money management skills and knowledge

This is where AMPD Studios by Old Mutual has innovatively created a space that was launched last year in May that is making that positive difference needed by so many aspiring artists and creatives looking to achieve both fame and fortune. 

AMPD Studios is a culture hub of learning and inspiration aimed to equip local musicians, aspiring artists and entrepreneurs with access to a powerful networking space and opportunity to learn from industry greats as they share their raw and unfiltered wisdom that will not only inspire them but also empower them to successfully break into the music industry. 

Over the year, AMPD Studios has held numerous AMPD Masterclasses and AMPD Icon Hero Conversations. These inspirational encounters with live studio audiences at the Studio  which have also be captured digitally, is where a wealth of knowledge, advice, tips and tools have been shared by some of South Africa’s true musical legends providing aspiring artists with the essential building blocks to amplify ones musical and financial futures

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One such AMPD Icon Hero conversation took place between legendary Sipho Hotstix Mabuse and Khuli Chana. Here are just some of the pearls of wisdom shared by these industry greats, which you can see for yourself here https://youtu.be/nXWzTsQSp0Y .

Sipho Hotstix Mabuse stated, “One key piece of advice I would have for young people entering the industry would be to get someone to advise you financially. Get someone you can trust, it doesn’t necessary have to be family. Sometimes we don’t want to pay 10% to someone because we feel we can do it all ourselves but in the long run what is 10% of R10 million, when you can actually loose it all because of a bad decision. So it’s important that even when you make your first cent put it in a kitty. It is important that we are penny wise to avoid being pound-foolish. Plant a penny and watch it grow.

In an equally inspirational confession Motswako originator, Khuli Chana also revealed to AMPD Studios that he really messed up at one time on his path to stardom and he even got scammed. Who would have thought? 

“I’ve been through something where I actually got scammed in a deal. There was no contract. I really messed up! You meet a guy that is smart, the conversation just elevated my mind and you think you will be the richest dude tomorrow, and everything just went by so fast. I did not even do a little background check on the guy. I was just so fixated by the idea of getting rich. So a lot of the mistakes I have made have schooled me. A key learning I need to share is the importance of doing a due diligence. We tend to focus too much on the result, with the end in mind but you have really got to know what you getting into and do your homework. Read the fine print. Harness the craft and find somebody who can manage your money so that you can make all the right moves.

Old Mutual is the natural fit to empower and inform those hoping not to make the same mistakes and take control of their finances. Take a look at which savings and investments  are best suited to you – be it for the short or long term. 

Old Mutual has 175 years of wisdom and experience. Through their creation of  AMPD Studios there is yet another platform of opportunity to help aspiring artists and creatives, make the changes in their lives life, that will empower their way of thinking, amplify their musical career as well as put them on the path to having a financially secure future. 

AMPD Studios are equipped with a world-class recording studio, a full performance stage, boardroom, co-work space, Wi-Fi, post-production facilities, and a VIP workspace and bar area, which makes them an authentic and influential culture hub in the heart of Johannesburg’s Newtown.

The time is now to arm yourself with the required knowledge by checking out AMPD Studios.

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