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Author : Prince Mashele and Mzukisi Qobo Book Review Mpho Ursula Mashego Ratings : 3/5 THE FALL OF THE ANC: WHAT NEXT? The political scandalous exposure book – Hmm with the book release, one can easily think of

Author: Njabulo S. Ndebele Book Review by Mpho Ursula Mashego Rate : 4/5 The cry of Winnie Mandela is riveting book that gives the reader inside information of the possibilities of what has/ might have happened in the

Author: Angela Makholwa Book Review by Mpho Ursula Mashego Ranked: 4/5 Heart-broken, bitterness, vengeance, plotting and a scheming is what one can expect from the book. This is the second thriller that Angela Makholwa wrote.  She is also

Love, not many can measure its heartbeats or tame it long enough to put the experience into words. Masingita Mzilikazi whose first literary offer was The Right To Mourn, a book that many say emancipated

Written By Mawethu Nkosana When Fanon said "Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it(1961)", he was suggesting that each generation due to its differences from pre-existing generations is

Known to many as “The King of Relationship Comedy”, Taylor has spent years performing the successful show, “Learner Husband” and has finally put together the book; “Learner Husband - A Handy guide for avoiding collisions

The world of Poetry is like the world of Jazz. There are multiple layers of nuanced existentialisms, familiar phrases, essentialist expressions and traditions within mores and cultural pros and cons. There are also parallel universes

Zama Ndlovu Social activist, columnist, working professional, founder and MD of Youth Lab and vanguard for the #badblacks Zama Ndlovu talks failed education and revolutions, dating on the interwebs, white people and their braais, women’s empowerment

By: Sipho Hlongwane In Get Me Started self-taught wordsmith, award-winning journalist and roisterous raconteur Sipho Hlongwane plays off the phrase ‘Don’t get me started’ to REALLY challenge youngsters to get themselves riled up over politics, cars,

Everywhere you go you hear “I’m an entrepreneur this, entrepreneur that”. Most people are aspiring to be in business one day soon; and some silently so. Some believe in security, some don’t, and those that