CAV! Hairstyles INSPIRED BY Minnie Dlamini
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CAV! Hairstyles we love that are INSPIRED BY Minnie Dlamini.

If you love fashion and beauty, Minnie Dlamini probably pops up everytime you open your Instagram feed. She is undeniably one of Mzansi’s most fashionable and loved celebs of all time as she always remain on top of the game with her gorgeous looks. 

Take a look at some of her trendsetting hairstyles.

minnie dlamini

Blondes have more fun right? This look is our favorite because Minnie decided to get out of her comfort zone and went for a lighter shade of color which complements her features.

minnie dlamini

The star went for a wet look on the cover of True Love magazine. We’re feeling this vibe because it shows off her edge.

minnie dlamini

Afro chic!

I am a machine that runs on love and happiness #LifeGoals,

she says.

minnie dlamini

Here she decided to go for a more playful combination of an updo with bangs. How cute?

minnie dlamini

It’s refreshing to see her rocking traditional bantu knots.

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