Celebrating Mothers With Pandora and Thembisa Mdoda
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With the past Sunday being Mother’s day, the past week has been nothing short of celebrations of our heroes – mothers. They may not wear capes (except the extremely cool ones), but their superpowers are out of this world.

Pandora hosted an evening of pink cupcakes, chocolate, bubbles and of course – precious jewels from their Mother’s Day Collection for 2018 at their Mall of Africa flagship on Thursday. Television presenter, Radio Host and supermom Thembisa Mdoda was among the mothers being celebrated on the evening. She shared with us what being a mother means to her, the perks of motherhood – especially raising two amazing baby boys.

“Being a mother means everything to me. Once you become a parent, the world changes. You tend to think and do things differently. The great thing about being in the entertainment industry is that it doesn’t change you unless you want it to,” said Mdoda

Kylie Pettit, Brand Manager at Pandora South Africa says the inspiration behind this specific Mother’s Collection was to highlight the different facets that make up different women.

“Strong inspirational mom when she’s got your back. When she sneaks you that credit card behind your dad’s back. We really wanted to showcase that and highlight it with one exclusive event with Thembisa who we are a huge fan of and is part of Pandora,” Petitt shared with us.

With something always happening in the pipelines for her, Thembisa promised that we will be seeing and hearing a lot more of her. She is now part of the Metro FM Weekend breakfast team every Saturday. A film she stars in alongside Dineo Ranaka, Salamina Mosese and Kay Smith – “Baby Mamas”, is set to debut in New York this week. The movie will only hit local cinemas in October.

It was also a mom and daughter affair with attendees bringing their superheroes for an evening of spoils. Melanie Ramjee brought her gorgeous mom, Jenny, for an evening filled with spoils, fun and laughter. She took us on memory lane to the first gift Melanie ever bought her, which a pendant which Melanie put her own picture in.

“Thanks for giving me life and thanks for changing my nappies all those years. Being a mom now I know how hard it is,” Melanie said during a heartfelt moment with her mom.

This past week was dedicated to our nurturers, life givers – our mothers. If you did not get the chance to get your mom a gift and you are looking for inspiration, Pandora has got you. Get a 10% discount on selected bracelets, rings and charms for mom during the month of May. And if you made the effort to make your superhero special this past Sunday, do share with us.

We at Zkhiphani.com would like to wish all the supermoms out there a heartfelt mother’s month. Happy #MothersDay

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