Check Out Local Actress, Shonisani Masutha’s Hair Extensions Range
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From owning it in the acting industry to now killing it in the hair space, we take a look at what motivated Masutha to start a range of hair extensions.


After being the first African actress to go on and star in a Bollywood series, Shonisani Masutha has now set her sights on the hair industry with her latest offering of high quality hair extensions.

In revealing what motivated her to start the business, the actress shared that she would often get approached by hair brand Afrotex SA to be their brand ambassador. It was at that point that the young actress decided that she wanted to be more than just a pretty face for another brand’s products which then inspired her to start her own.


“For the past year and a half, Afrotex has been sending me hair and I’d post it on my social media networks. One day the head of the company requested a meeting with me where he told me about new hair with superb quality that they wanted me to be the face and name of. I was super excited and I told him that I’d like to be part of the business and not just the face. I wanted to have an input in the design of the hair and the colours and what the hair should look like. They allowed me to and I took it running from there. “

Shonisani Masutha

Speaking on the brand’s collaboration with Shonisani, Afrotex SA Managing Director had this to say:

“Afrotex could not think of a better person to collaborate with, Shonisani Masutha has broken borders, having fans from across the African continent as well as the Indian audience. “

And from there, the rest is history.

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