Check Out Masterpiece & Vigro Deep’s New Single, AmaNumber
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We are quickly approaching end of the first quarter of the year and are expecting a few albums to be dropping. One of which is from Vigro Deep which is set to be titled “The Rise Of A Baby Boy” due around Easter 2020. Prior to this release, Vigro Deep has blessed us with a new track featuring Masterpiece titled “AmaNumber”.

The song is inspired by the party anthem “Ngi’cela amaNumber, ngi’cela amaNumber kuphela”. A track that is surely meant to set dance floors ablaze. The track naturally bears the signature stuttering drum pattern that Vigro Deep has become famous for. Moreover, the dark, ominous and theatrical bassline is undoubtedly the highlight of this song.

Masterpiece brings a very vibrant vibe to the song to contrast the dark instrumentation. His delivery is will certainly be appreciated by many Vigro Deep fans. The lyricism is quirky and reminiscent of a particular Kwaito song by the legendary Makhendlas.

However, what piqued our interest, even more, was seeing the BlaqBoy stamp on the cover art. This could point to what we already suspected that Vigro Deep has signed some sort of deal with DJ Maphorisa’s record label. But we know that Vigro Deep has found his own label called Baby Boy 012. This could mean that Masterpiece is the one under BlaqBoy Musiq.

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But it makes sense when looking at his previous appearances. This is not the first time we hear from Masterpiece,  he has appeared in a couple of songs from Kabza and Maphorisa as well as Mas Musiq.


Check out AmaNumber K’phela above and let us know what you think.

The song is available for free download here and also available on youtube for streaming.

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