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Nothing makes us more South African than the unique cultural diversity that makes up our beautiful multi-racial South Africa. Our history is rich, our people beautiful, our stories motivational and our food, well, our food embodies everything that makes us unique. South African dishes are rich in texture, colourfully appealing and deliciously tasty. Remember the aroma of a uniquely cooked South African pot of cabbage stew on a wintery night? Or how about that braai meat smell lingering in the air as pap and seshebo is passed around the table? Our food not only satisfies our craving, but it also brings us together in celebration of who we are.


There are a variety of South African inspired dishes. Think about the Pantsula dance or the South African Jazz festival, inspired by South Africa, for South Africa. Our way of cooking up a storm not only combines tradition with exotic flavour but it also brings together people from different walks of life. Robertsons, in celebration of South African inspired dishes, have put together a list of SA inspired cuisine that will have you reminiscing about the good old days in Ouma’s kitchen.


Oxtail Potjie

There is something about a hearty Oxtail Potjie that goes wonderfully with a cold winter’s night and great company. Oxtail is rich in flavour and prepared over time with red wine, thyme, whole cloves and bay leaves to name but a few of the flavourful ingredients. The oxtail meat must be left to simmer and cook slowly in the red wine as other ingredients are gradually added. The word “potjiekos” translates to “small-pot food” and is traditionally cooked in a three-legged cast-iron pot over an open fire. The Oxtail Potjie is native to South Africa and represents our very own unique cuisine. This is a great dish in the month of September when hosting a small get-together to celebrate our South African heritage in all its splendour!


Lamb Stew

Aaah, the aroma of a deliciously seasoned Lamb Stew conjures up memories of Sunday lunches and a lazy afternoon indulging on too much dessert. Cooked with a fine selection of Robertsons spices and herbs, this dish will certainly have the family seated at the dinner table a little longer than usual. Thirds anyone?


If there is one dish that we pride ourselves in as South Africans, it would be the well-known Bobotie dish, prepared by the South African hand for the South African people. The ingredients to this local dish are as diverse as the people who prepare it. Easy to prepare, delicious and cost-effective, Bobotie remains at the top of the menu for many South African families from as early as the 17th century.


South Africa is known for its beautiful landscapes, diverse people, original dance moves and unique cuisine that decks many a table, fills many a tummy and brings together a nation by sharing a meal. Robertsons looks forward to bringing people together through food and providing products of the highest quality.

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