Chit Chat with A-Reece & The Wrecking Crew #AwesomeFoursome
Published 3 years ago by

If you’re a fan of South African hip hop, then you are probably familiar with A-Reece, real name Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge. He is a young South African hip hop beast who is making waves in the industry with his team who go by the name The Wrecking Crew. We drove all the way to the far east of Pretoria to a mansion where Reece and his team reside, he introduced us to fellow rapper Riz Da Prince, his producer Mash Beats as well as well as singer/songwriter Thando Nje. We needed to know how the team #CelebrateDifferent and ummmh the answers we got… LOL…. well let me not say much & spoil it…  The crew also shared with us the various Awesome Foursome flavours that best represent their personality & how these collectively make for an awesome project.

Straight from “The Trap House”, The Wrecking Crew gave us some pretty dope insights and exclusives into what makes their brand work and what it takes to be an influential movement, It’s crazy how much you can chat over a delicious Awesome Foursome™ pizza from Debonairs Pizza.


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