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Get JOOX for free on DSTV – Chit Chat with Thabiet Allie!

Streaming music services have revolutionised the way people listen to music. DStv has chosen to partner with JOOX, South Africa’s favourite music app to put together the best 360 entertainment package in South Africa. DStv subscribers can now get JOOX for FREE for up to five family members.

We got wind about the news yesterday and decided to have a chit chat with Thabiet Allie, Chief Commercial Officer at Tencent Africa to find out more this exciting partnership!

Q: South Africa has seen a lot of global music streaming services entering our market in the last couple of years or so, how has JOOX positioned itself to compete and what is making it stand out from the rest?

A: Our people. That what makes us stand out from the rest. We have a local team plugged into the scene curating the best local and international sounds going down in the clubs and festivals of South Africa and working closely with the local and international labels to keep our ears to the ground.

Q: How has the music streaming service been received by the market since its initial launch?

A: Streaming is still new to a lot of people. Once you get into being able to get any song you want, quick and easy…. that’s it… your life has changed. It’s been a wonderful thing watching my friends and family get into it.

Q: Is there a particular reason why JOOX has specifically chosen to partner with DStv?

A: We’re both focused on understanding what our audiences want and making sure they get it. A large part of our popular music was also already tapped in to soundtracks for movies and series, so we were aligned with a lot of popular entertainment.

DStv obviously has a lot of music programming and JOOX is a natural partner to extend the experience so you could take the music with you and interact with the shows more.

Q: Can you share a bit more about the new JOOX VIP family package, how does that work?

A: All Compact, Compact Plus and Premium customers can immediately take up JOOX VIP for free and invite 4 other family members to subscribe, also at no cost. It’s so cool for customers.

If you are the DStv account holder, just get the app from your app store, if you haven’t got it already, then tap on the DStv banner at the top and follow the steps. You can then invite your family members.

Q: What other new developments can we expect from JOOX this coming year?

A: We’ve been collaborating on talent and music shows where you can experience more with your second screen interactions. You can also look forward to more action between your TV screen and the app. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the chit chat and all the best

The JOOX app is available for download on iOS and Android. For more information visit www.joox.co.za.

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