Have you seen Cici’s new music video?
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Rallied up with an army of strong women.

A rare sublime view of a group of women speaking in one voice and having one another’s back is what we witness in Busisiwe “Cici” Twala’s latest music video.

Women are no longer asking or begging for power , what we see is women taking back their power. She gathered strong women for her Uhlal’ukwenza visuals to give hope and strength. This song is a ninth track taken from her soul-stirring self-titled 12-track album, Busisiwe.

Now, the 32-year old Pop and R&B singer puts visuals to the lyrics, and they accord very well. This track sends strong a message to abusers that they can get away with it now, but the time will come when they must face consequences of their actions.

The song gives women a voice and power to claim back their dignity and worth. It screams feminism and tells that women still believe in the justice system. With their traumas still so vivid and the scars on their bodies reminding them of what they once endured , we see a group of women who show that the fire in them burns more than any pain they have suffered in the hands of those who were meant to protect them.

Imbokodo personified is what we witness in this powerful video. The sultry singer could not contain her excitement about the release of the video.

I am super excited about the release of the music video simply because I cannot wait for people to hear the song and those who’ve heard it, I cannot wait for them to see the visuals. It highlights the pandemic that is abuse, but mostly the positive part of it, which is women taking back their power, feminism, standing together and speaking with just one voice

said Cici.

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