CMS unplugged session in Braamfontein
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In an attempt to attract new-fangled buyers and build a fresh brand ambience for their product, the castle milk stout (CMS) team has introduced a musical campaign that was launched at this year’s Durban July; they have reintroduced unplugged music in private and exclusive settings by some of South Africa’s leading musicians. They aim on engaging consumers with unique, live and unplugged music performances blah blah blah…This is a great initiative I’m not gonna lie but I just wish that it was organized by another local beverage brand like black label or castle lite or something coz let’s face it, castle milk stout is not really ayoba neh I mean the real target market for that beer is the blue collar workers and the unplugged music setting is not really for them. So this past Wednesday I attended one the CMS stylish urban events at the shine studios rooftop in Braamfontein and it was a lot of fun. Kabelo proved that kwaito stars can also perform with a live band and kill it on stage; the floor was literally shaking when he was delivering his set. Mi Casa also gave a dope performance with their hits such as “heavenly sent” and “these streets” but the most dazzling act of the evening has to be from Zonke. She came on stage looking beautiful and assertive and her powerful saccharine voiced lured me to come a few steps closer to the stage, I was hoping for a longer performance but she only sang a couple of songs. This was a fascinating occasion indeed. For more photos of this event please check out the zkhiphani.com fan page on Facebook

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