It’s Confirmed, Distruction Boyz’s Omunye Was STOLEN From DJ LAG

What is up with well known artists stealing or “borrowing” music and songs from less known artists? Seriously, what is up with that? The rumour mill has been strong with the news that our favourite Gqom duo, Distruction Boyz stole the instrumental of their hit single, Omunye, from well-known and award winning producer, DJ LAG.

This is not the first time that an artist is accused of stealing a song but it has allegedly been forensically proven that the duo had indeed stole DJ LAG’s song titled Trip To New York. They do however deny that they stole it and cite that they bought from a Cape Town based DJ, DJ Mphyd.

According to City Press, DJ LAG’s management used the help of a music comparative analyst, Sakhile Moleshe, from Imilizo Music who wrote a 31 page report. He details in the report that “as a result of the tempo, key, signature, instrumentation and lead melodies being identical in both musical works”. He further concluded, without any doubt, that Omunye was indeed copied from Trip To New York.

The duo have since expressed that they were shocked to find out that the beat was stolen but they have not formally released a statement regarding the matter. Meanwhile, Twitter has been lit. Peep the responses below!

Peep the comparison below and tell us what you think! 


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