Could We Be In For Another Piano Hub From Kabza And Maphorisa?
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Remember last week when Kabza and Maphorisa went live on Instagram to share three new tracks that were in the works? Well, it looks like we will be getting those track sooner than we thought. Even though Maphorisa was looking for 100k retweets from the initial post on twitter in order to release the track, a few days ago Kabza announced that he and Maphorisa will be dropping new music this coming Friday 31, January 2020.

A second tweet from DJ Maphorisa that further reiterated Kabza’s post and this time Maphorisa further reveals that they might just drop an entire album on the day. Now we know why Kabza has not been sleeping because he stays producing new music and making the most of his career while he’s still at the top.


The two have mastered the art of staying relevant and on top of everyone’s playlist in a time where musicians come and go like. The pair does this by constantly innovating and evolving the sound while keeping the interest of their audience through live streams and behind the scenes video recorded off their cell phones.

An example of this is a video posted by Maphorisa of @tyler_ICU mixing one of the tracks that are possibly dropping on Friday. The song seems to feature Mlindo The Vocalist a continuous feature within the Scorpion Kings universe.


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