Creating A Musical Career With A Legacy With Thandiswa Mazwai & Letta Mbulu
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With their years of indisputable musical experience, and wisdom gained in maintaining their legacies in the industry, legendary musicians Letta Mbulu and Thandiswa Mazwai, shared their advice on creating a musical career with a legacy during their engagements at AMPD Studios by Old Mutual.

Marking National Women’s Month, recapping on Mam’ Letta Mbulu’s Icons Hero Conversation held at AMPD Studios by Old Mutual she stated that for her it was “do or die”, making a reference to her personal experience, saying it was never about the money, but the drive and love for singing.

During these empowering and enlightening conversations Letta Mbulu said that her first piece of advice to young artists aspiring to make it in the music business is to think before you plunge in.

“Think about what you really want to do. Do you really wanna sing because you feel this thing inside? Or you do it because you want to make money?” asked Letta Mbulu.

With plausible evidence, we’ve seen many artists blowing up cash, dying without a dime, and having to struggle to finance their own burial. The Time Is Now to start saving and managing your passion like it’s a business.

Show business is known to be a challenging environment and even more so now during the current COVID-19 pandemic where artists are battling to get booked for performances due to the lockdown restrictions. It is always better to stay ahead financially and plan. There are ways that you can be in control of your finances and Old Mutual is committed to amplifying the financial futures of aspiring artists and can reward you through for Old Mutual Rewards for good financial behaviour.

The legendary Letta Mbulu admitted that there are those who are very lucky in terms of making money but they blow it because they think it’s going to come tomorrow, alluding to the fact that if you’re driven you don’t blow money thinking it’ll come tomorrow.

Her advice, in a nutshell, is as follows:

– Search why you want to sing.
– Why do you want to dance?
– Why do you want to be a star?

Letta Mbulu said that her longevity comes from the fact that she has always loved singing. She did not care, saying that all she wanted was to sing. It was that passion that was her driving force to succeed and create her legacy.

Adding to the legendary advice by Letta Mbulu, Thandiswa ”King Tha” Mazwai said that if you’re not doing it for the money you’ll be able to sustain it because you sing in spite of everything.

“You sing whether there’s applause or not. You sing on your own, in your own house by yourself,” said Thandiswa Mazwai, cautioning that when people don’t see you in the press they wonder if you still sing or not.

In terms of protecting yourself as an artist, Thandiswa Mazwai said that it was very important to read your contracts, including having a lawyer to help you with the contract.

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