Distruction Boyz Politely Clapsback At A HATER
Published 3 years ago by

Tis’ the season and we are about spreading love and happiness however not everyone is in the mood, apparently. Destruction Boyz low key and politely claps back at a fan trying to spew a feud between the Durban Gqom duo and Black Motion. Music is a competitive sport at the end of the day, artists are always put up against each other so it is only time someone started comparing Distruction Boyz.

The Fan comparing the two duos claims that if they had to battle it out, Black Motion would win by just holding a USB.

Black motion can kill destruction boys by just holding the USB

Distrution Boyz calmly replied in a well-worded paragraph that speaks on how much they admire Black Motion and they are inspired by them, so beef is not necessary. The duos have a different sound and vibe that can’t directly be compared. With that said, we would love to hear what a Black Motion and Distruction Boyz collaboration sounds like!

We would love to know what you think. Do you think the fan was out of line?





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