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DJ Dimplez “we ain’t leaving” video shoot

DJ Dimplez recently shot a new music video for his third single “We aint Leavin” which features Anatii on vocals and rapper L Tido.

We went behind the scenes to give you exclusive content that the rest of the world will only get to see once the video is released, The video is about partying all night long – “We Ain’t Leavin’” just when the sun is rising and people are about to leave the party it goes back down emphasizing the nonstop party.

Scene 1: The Warm Up

Anatii is in a very elegant venue; this scene is set at the beginning to show the different stages of partying so to speak. The scene is more relaxed as is normally is when one arrives at a party. People are still sober, and still look great. This scene leads into the Dimplez scene.

Scene 2: The Lead In

This scene we start to move into the beat to warm us up. We see Dimplez DJ’ing in a room of mirrors but in the scene the mirrors will only reflect and we see 3 reflections of Dimples along with him in front of the mirrors, this is to spice up the “ordinary” dj shot.

Scene 3: The Climax

This is the ‘climax’ part of the song, which takes place in a basement. This basement party is wild. People are having fun and going crazy. This scene emphasizes the lyrics of the song strongly. ‘We Ain’t Leaving’

Scene 4: The Warm Down

We see empty bottles of Miller and ruffled up paper cups on the floor, the girls’ make up is no longer perfect. Although this is the warm down of the song we still see people dancing, looking hazed.

Look out for the video on your small screen soon!

  • Anatti is bringing international standards to our shore, I think we more than ready to compete with the like of Europe and the states.. Won’t be shocked If I see dimplez being the bext khaled or ltido signed to roc nation.. I’m really enjoying sa music play local or die really good work guys (s/o zkhiphani follow the dude on twitter @Hisense55 )


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