DJ Ganyani releases NEW single
Published 2 years ago by

Ganyani Tshabalala has been in the music industry for over 20 years. With his great passion for music, he started teaching himself several DJ techniques to manipulate the prerecorded music. These include cueing, equalization, phrasing, beat juggling etc. to perform the transitions and overdubs of a number of sources in a more creative way. Today he is a professional DJ who masters the technique of using harmonic mixing for choosing compatible songs. This has made him and other local DJs to be the pioneers or the grandmaster of this entertainment technique in the country.

DJ Ganyani delivers a new single “Emazulwini” from his latest offering Ganyani House Grooves 10 which is well received by his fans. With the current hit “QLuv” that is charting on national radio stations, “Emazulwini” is a great follow-up and it also speaks to the music lovers national and international.

The song is available at all leading music platforms.

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