Have You Seen The Theowa Music Video?
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DJ Sabby releases visuals to his latest offering.

The Theowa trio DJ Sabby, Manu WorldStar and Gigi Lamayne has just dropped a new fresh music video. The aesthetic of the video will make you love the song even more!

Theowa is slang for getting down and appropriately named as this track is definitely going to bring life to any party and have you getting down on the dance floor.

The track is produced by Eternal Africa of EQO (Export Quality Only) whose production skills can also be found on tracks such as Manu WorldStar’s Nalingi and Future Plan and DJ PH’s Go Down just to highlight a few.

I’ve always had a great relationship and synergy with Gigi Lamayne and Manu WorldStar. That for me is very important before we even consider making music together. Being fans of their work was also exciting as we made this project work. Theowa is a fusion of sounds I love which is Hip Hop and Afrobeat and I’m excited about how it came out. You’re going to love it!

DJ Sabby commented when the song dropped.

Check out the video:

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