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As a self taught DJ, ThatNaledi believes that female DJ’s are adding an exciting new dimension in the South African music scene.

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ThatNaledi is generally recognised as a Hip Hop but she can play different genres to suit any event, such as: Eletronic Dance Music, House, RnB, Pop, Afrobeats & Lounge. The 24 year old DJ ThatNaledi currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa and grew up in Polokwane. Along-side her DJ career the ambitious DJ works full-time at TRACE TV and she is also a Real Estate Agent at Huize Mark part-time.

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 As a resident DJ at BLK(Black Knight Lounge) in Pretoria, she has build up a loyal following due to her imaginative sets and that fact that she always introduces her audience to a bit of something new while playlisting the new bangers and the classic oldies that everybody knows and loves.

ThatNaledi has played at various venues thus far such as:

KONG                                                 Rosebank

Palm Beach Hotel                               Madagascar

Co.Fi Cedar Square                            Sandton

Liquidchefs                                          Rosebank Mall

Stones                                                             Hatfield Pretoria

Cherry Jam                                         Hatfield Pretoria

Stone Haven on Vaal                          The Vaal

She said the following about her previous gigs: “Playing at KONG and in Madagascar were the highlights of my career thus far. KONG is known as one of the most ellite clubs in Johannesburg and DJ’s wait years to grace those decks and I can say, I did it!” ThatNaledi has made appearance on various TV shows such as ANN7(Buzz) and Planet Radio TV(Z’Drive).

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She has also had multiple newspaper coverage on different newspapers such as New Age and The Saturday Star. This female DJ is new on the block but she definitely feels there is more to come in her DJ career. Keep watching this space and you will soon discover more!

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