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DJ Zinhle And AKA FINALLY Agree On Something!

This came as a shock to us when we saw rapper, AKA and DJ Zinhle tweet about something that they both agree on. If you are a regular fan of this season’s #TheHustle, then you will know what #KFCSoundbite is and what it means and why AKA and other popular artists are endorsing the hashtag #KFCSoundbite. 

The KFC in South Africa became the first fast food outlet to combine great tasting food together with great music back in 2015 when they introduced the KFC Soundbite. The purpose of the Soundbite is to introduce the consumers to emerging local artists as well as provide easy access to them.  Together with Gloo and Ogilvy SA, KFC, introduced the first ever music experience at their different KFC outlets all over the country. 

The technology in the store comprises of an interactive record table using an innovative “bone technology”. The customers then use this to listen to the songs made by local and up and coming artists by simply placing their elbows on the table. The first artists who were featured when this project launched are 2Lee Stark, Ginger Breadman and Priddy Ugly to name a few and they grew to be big names in the industry.

DJ Zinhle along with artists such as AKA and DJ Tira took to Twitter to express their support for #KFCSoundbite and the nurturing of new and unsigned talent. Check out the tweets below!

Check out the #KFCSoundbite website where you can sign up and get an opportunity to listen to fresh and amazing talent! Don’t say we never put you on!

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