PICS: Doesn’t DJ Zinhle Look Stunning In A Wedding Gown?
Published 2 years ago by

Now this is a sight we do not see every day; DJ Zinhle in a wedding gown! DJ Zinhle is known to be a fierce businesswoman and an elegant and stylish dresser but she just took it up a notch. 

The Colours hit-maker took to Instagram to post an image of herself dressed in a pearl white wedding gown. You read right! She looked as radiant as ever with her daughter, Kairo, also dressed in a cute, ethereal dress. We are not ones to be nosy and speculate but what could this be about?  Are they dress shopping for an actual event or is this for a shoot since they are cover stars and all? 

She didn’t caption the image, instead she simply tagged Kalawa Jazzme boss, Oskido. This could be a still from a music video she is shooting with Oskido as most celebs like going that route nowadays. Or it could be from a real life event that we know nothing about. Either way, doesn’t she just look breathtaking? 

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