Don’t Sleep On New Age Soulstress, ThandoNje
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We don’t have to say this because we have mentioned this a million times before, we love female artists. And we are always putting you onto the magical and undoubtedly talented female artists of our time. Today we feature new age singer and songwriter, Thando Nje; don’t sleep on her!

Born Thando Sibanyoni, ThandoNje is a recording artist that was born in Johannesburg and raised in Pretoria.  She decided that she wanted to pursue a career in music when she began remaking covers of popular songs and receiving great reviews from those around her.

She realized her love for music the day she recorded her first cover in studio and knew that singing was something that she wanted to do forever.

ThandoNje is a breath of fresh air and is now on the road to creating and growing her own sound which she has defined as the New Age Soul.  Her previous projects are the New Age Soul EP and the Trust Nje EP which are both available on SoundCloud. 

The former EP is an 8 track effort which introduces us to the type of artist Thando is in all her soulful glory. Trust Nje followed and we got a glimpse of how she fused Trap influenced elements in her music. She is a thoughtful and skilled writer, a versatile vocalist who knows how to control her voice and create an atmosphere with it and also a person who knows how to choose her beats wisely.

She recently hosted a show called the Garden Of Soul. This event was used as a platform for her to showcase her music in its most vulnerable form.  ThandoNje specifically went with this name because it sounds and feels serene and that’s what she would like to present to the masses as an artist because it is a representation of her sound.

She is currently working on her debut album which will be released later in the year and we are mesmerized by her distinct sound. Link up with her on her social media @thandonje and peep some of her music on Soundcloud

Peep Trust Nje EP below! 

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