Don’t Sleep On Vaal Lyricist, Danny Bazuka
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When you live in a country such as ours, there is never a shortage of talent and if you look really hard enough, you will be sure to discover some really unforgettable artists. Today we profile rapper and artist extraordinaire, Danny Bazuka. Don’t sleep on him.

Daniel Mafaesa also known by his stage name, Danny Bazuka, is a well known rapper, art director, editor and producer who has amassed quite a nice following despite only being active in the game for a little while.

Danny’s musical range shifts from the hardcore lyrical where he flexes his knowledge of Hip Hop as an artform to the blissfully cool, where he reflects on street culture and touches on his experiences. The one thing that is constant in his music is his playful approach to it.

He dropped his first mixtape, Born Free Mentality, back in 2015 and this was his introduction to the industry. The 2 track EP saw Danny Bazuka finesse over boom bap beats and matching them with incredible skill and charisma. This mixtape has, in a way, positioned him as an artist who holds the baton to changing and actually inspiring a wide range of rappers. 

In 2017, the young rapper dropped a second mixtape titled Days B4 Y.A.N.A, a project which leaned to more experimental and commercial sounding beats and also saw Danny reach outside of what his fans have known him for; he actually murks the 5 track project. The first track to be dropped from the mixtape is Study-Yana where he raps about his come-up and the struggles he has faced while still trying to get things together.

He just dropped the video for Study-Yana and this is the joint that he hopes will put his name on everybody’s lips. And who wouldn’t want a piece of him when everything that he drops is quality checked and authentic AF. Don’t sleep on this kid! 

Link up with him on his social media @dannybazuka and peep his music on his Soundcloud page. 

Peep the video below! 


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