Eclectic Hip Hop Collective, Dizzy Monks Dazzle Audiences In Europe
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Early this year Dizzy Monk hosted a video launch at the Bioscope in Maboneng. The launch was a way for South African media to familiarize themselves with the talented team. 

Dizzy Monks recently had the opportunity to introduce their flavour all over Europe

Dizzy Monk (DM) Entertainment is an independent and artist-led hip-hop record label based in Johannesburg. The label joined the 2018 Akio Bad and Yellow Tour in Europe. The tour has the DM artists namely, Ginger Trill, TopGogg, D(US)T and YoungNativv, joining forces with the Kool Out crew on the Bad and Yellow tour done by Akio since 2014.

The tour kicked off in Oslo, Norway- Kool Out Lounge held down a hip-hop event, with live performances by Dizzy Monks. From there it moved to Stockholm where the collective was excited to connect and create with other artists in Sweden.

Berlin, Germany saw Ginger Trill headline at the world-renowned hip-hop event, The Swag Jam, supported by TopGogg and D(US)T. The South African collective has been eagerly received by European audiences and networks. They’re looking forward to continuing to build their brand and audiences around the world.

For the final leg of the tour, Ginger Trill and TopGogg performed to a hyped crowd at the Kool Out event at Cafe De Duivel- the oldest hip-hop and DJ bar in Amsterdam. Ginger Trill said:

“The experience of being in this particular bar, means a lot to me as an artist. Hip-hop history is significant to me.”

Following the tour, TopGogg is releasing an EP with renowned award-winning lyricist and new found member at Dizzy Monks, Ginger Trill. This year will see the DM artists releasing more music and performing on more stages in South Africa.

Peep their music video below! 


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