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I recently had a quick chat with one of South Africa’s brightest rising star who goes by the name of Eda Rose, you might have seen her making some news on TV, magazines and blogs. I asked her a few questions and this is what went down…

The Journalist: You often describe yourself as mother Africa mixed with a sultry Italian flavour”, could you kindly explain what you mean by this quote?

Eda: Simply that I am born and bred in South Africa from a Xhosa woman, but have also spent some time and have blood in me of an Italian man.

The Journalist: You studied in England, in what way has this influenced your career?

Eda: I did an honours degree in accounting and finance in London, and this has taught me to be very business minded with all my dealings and the English culture taught me to go big or go home! No small play! So I keep this in mind with all that I do- from career moves to relationships- you name it all big!

The Journalist: Many people know you from the “flava in the morning” show on Y fm, now you have your own show on TransAfrica radio, could you briefly explain to us your journey on radio so far?

Eda: Well I was a co-host and traffic reporter on Yfm’s breakfast show for a year which was an honour and was great experience. However I felt I needed to step my game up and learn to be a main host so I took the year off to go back to school at Boston Media and go back to basics. I’m studying radio production and radio presenting and thankfully TransAfrica Radio gave me the opportunity to continue to be on air once a week so as to remain in touch and still practice but now as a main host as opposed to a co-host. My show is called ” The sweet Escape” every Wednesday 3-6pm.

The Journalist: You were part of David Kau’s popular “taxi ride” film, how was that experience like and are we going to see you acting again on our small screens?

Eda: The experience was amazing, I actually realized that I’m a natural! (laughs out loud) Not to tut my own horn but hey! There was a lot of laughter and big personalities coming together and it was great! I learnt I have to push myself further to be as great as the greats that we had on board! And good news is that Taxi Ride will be coming back soon but now as a soapie as opposed to a movie so I will be on your small screens very soon!

The Journalist: You started a shoe and bag line business, would you briefly tell us about that?

Eda: Yes ER Collection is my personal baby! I decided to design my first shoe and bag line due to the fact that I struggled to find fabulous shoes that were a size 2 and a half, you know like that run way type! So I decided to make my own, make them really high since I’m short and yes now they’re in stores all around Jo’burg. Visit the website to find the closest one next to you www.ercollection.co.za

The Journalist: You are an ambassador for cheesekids and food & trees for Africa, tell us about your experience with working with charity

Eda: I love doing charity work, it’s all about being selfless and giving back! The experience for me has been very humbling and eye opening! You’d be shocked how many people want to help others or look after the Earth but just don’t know how too. And that’s where my work comes in with the charities- we teach the youth all about the importance of planting trees for the environment and then also spend time giving them talks about reaching for the stars-you know, trying to inspire them.

The Journalist: You are a singer and have released two singles so far, when did you start singing and are you planning on releasing an album soon?

Eda: My music has been my hurdle for a while now- I’ve been lost between finding the right sound that represents me as a person as well as the country where I’m from. The lyrics to write about that will resonant with my target market as well. Maybe I’m putting too much focus on silly things but I have faith that it will soon all come together. I am still working on it very hard.

The Journalist: Rumour has it that you are dating Floyd Shivambu? What’s your comment on this?

Eda: I will not confirm nor deny- it’s my private life and I prefer to keep it at that.

The Journalist: You are a radio presenter, designer, actress and singer; do you have any other talent that we don’t know about?

Eda: Well I think that covers everything under the umbrella of an entertainer which I believe I am. I am also very business savvy so hopefully I’ll be making waves in that sense too.

The Journalist: Any words of advice to your fans?

Eda: Thank you for all your love and support- it means the world to me. Also be very caution of the papers, they love juice and tend to dramatize everything on there. Also I know I belong and owe my career to you all but sometimes allow me please to have the privacy of my relationships. Everything I do, I do with you in my mind so don’t be afraid to let me know your thought or holler at me when you see me out and about! I love the interaction

for more info about Eda check out www.edaroseofficial.com

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