LISTEN: Enoo Napa Remixes ‘Invite Me In’ By Producer Luka Feat. Sio
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Durban based DJ/Producer Siphiwe Mkhize better known by his artist moniker Enoo Napa dropped a remix of the 2016 track,  Invite Me In by Luka featuring Sio.

Luka Feat. Sio – Invite Me In(original)

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By now you should know that we hold high regard to Sio’s ability to paint vivid imagery through words and capture emotions. And that is exactly what you get with this song. But She does not achieve this on her own, it the chemistry between her and the producer that creates the experience we hear.

So when it comes to recreating a song in a studio alone. You lose the chemistry of interacting with your vocalist or the vocalist on the track. So it takes a great affinity to hone the connection with the song its self to create a remix that can stand on par or even surpass the original. Well, this is something that Enoo Napa has managed to pull this almost impossible feat off.

So How did he pull it off?

From CCTV operator to full-time Musician Enoo Napa who went on to work with countless local talent and major players in house music. Totally devoted to his craft, on one of his busiest year, Enoo produced 15 remixes and 12 originals within 18 months. These included “High in Your Love” featuring Durban vocalist Zipho which made an appearance on Dj Mbuso’s Phezulu Selection Vol 4. As well as “Uprising” a collaboration with DJ Shimza released on Shimza’s One Man Show EP through Soulistic Records.

This pushed his understanding of music and how to put a great remix together. The art of taking apart a song and stitching it back together to create a totally new piece of work is epic.

This remix is a clear indicating of his prowess nature of recreating a song.


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