Exploring Masculinity with Mbulelo Faluti and Gift Makhubu
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This time around Mbulelo Faluti explores the complexities behind masculinity. It’s all about dissecting and challenging social norms and growing through new perspectives. With that, we present the ‘Forever Dauntless’ photo series written by Gift Makhubu:
As a young man, society sets standards and norms that you are forced to abide by. As males, we grow up in a confined society filled with expectations, beliefs and values.
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Masculinity is an idea built around cultural and social perceptions of how a boy moving into the phase of being a man is expected to behave and carry himself. As young black men,we are expected to meet the standards set by society.
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In this photo series, Mbulelo Faluti redefines masculinity and explores what it means to not conform to norms. Self-belief is vital in moving away from society’s expectations of masculinity.
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Past expectations of masculinity confine the mind of boys going into manhood. Faluti bravely defies these set of rules and principles which dictate how young men should live their lives. He creatively expresses his freedom of thought and executes his life in a manner he deems fit.
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Times are changing and mindsets should change too, we live in a diverse time that allows young men to fully express themselves. This photo series highlights that boys are allowed to express their emotions-they can cry and they can choose not to play roles that societal expectations of masculinity expect them to.
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As influential content creators,we have a responsibility to advocate for and practice equality in our society.This is our contribution to alleviating toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes.
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Written by: Gift Makhubu

Project by :@mbulelo.faluti
Creative direction :@nyk_studios
Shot and edited:@aviawn
Models: Tshepo(@khekhe_or_cakes) and @mbulelo.faluti
Jewellery: @zurka55
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