Faith Nketsi Shares Weight Loss Secret
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TIPS on how you can look good like Faith Nketsi.

Faith Nketsi recently shared the before and after images of herself on the gram as she promotes her latest venture which is wellness and healthy living. Get Snatched is her latest product offering and she insists that customers will start seeing progress in less than a month. Faith claims that her secret to shedding the kilo’s is a good diet, exercise and her sweat belt.

faith nketsi

I struggled with my weight so much and I used to sit at home and admire girls on IG while eating my sadness away . I realized prolonging anything never gets anything done, instead i found myself making excuses for my food choices. I’m so happy with my body now because I took that first step to changing my eating habits. Even though I fall off from time to time, I know how to bounce back real quick. I’ve created a lifestyle not just a diet. So guys it’s almost summer, take that step,

she says.


faith nketsi

Eating healthy food is her priority!

faith nketsi

You can purchase Get Snatched on her website www.faithnketsi.com 

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