Fans React To Boity’s New Single After Radio Debut
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She hasn’t dropped new single, Wuz Dat, yet but it’s already trending. That’s because she previewed the new single on popular breakfast show, Fresh Breakfast on Metro FM this morning. The single debut was preceded by an interview where Boity spoke about her decision to get into the music industry and actually make music.

What led to the collaboration is the first performance Nasty C and Boity shared on the Club 808 finale. boity shares what she “Wuz dat is just like, it’s just a dope jam; I’m just spazzing out. I’m having fun with it. I got a moment to release my little alter ego that’s always wanted to be a bad B”, she says. 

With the rise of female rappers to the mainstream and the love they are getting for being authentic and standing their ground; and Fresh asked her if she has received love from her fellow female rappers in the game. The response was surprising. She got love from Moozlie and Gigi Lamayne but not so much Nadia Nakai and Rouge. Boity is not worried though but she hopes they will help her with the journey. 

There was a mixture of responses to the single 

Her mom tweeted words of support for her daughter:

As per usual, the fans and critics had something to say about the offering and the reactions are polarized. There are plenty of Boity fans who commended her for the single and hailed her the new rap queen. Also, the demands for an album from her are louder!

Others were not convinced and pointed out that Boity is maybe trying to sound too much like Cardi B. Some were controversial and even went as far as saying that Nasty C wrote the verse for her.

Nasty C produced the beat and is also featured on the joint and it officially drops tomorrow! Will you be looking out for it? 

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