WATCH: Fashion From Inanda High Goal Polo
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South Africa vs Argentina

On the 12th of May top polo players from South Africa hosted Argentina’s finest for a game of polo. The event boasted nothing short of high goal polo, speed, glamour and high fashion. We were treated to a mouth watering authentic Argentine cuisine, paired with a program of traditional Tango, Waltzes, Milongas and other forms of popular Latin American music and dance.

High Fashion

Guests did not disappoint as they showed up with the best outfits from their wardrobes – playing around with the ‘Argentine Chic’ theme.

South Africans never miss an opportunity to dress up and show off, and we love that. In that same spirit, we went on to test their knowledge on the game of Polo. We wanted to find out if our guests knew at least a fraction about the game, as they know of the styles, makes and designers they were strutting. The responses were pretty interesting.

Inanda High Goal Polo 101

Polo players get on a horse back and try to drive a hard small white ball into their opponent’s goal posts. Each team consists of four players. The game is usually divided into five periods called “Chukkers”. We asked the guests what they thought the term meant. Did anyone get it right? Watch!

After a disappointing start, the South African team managed to get their heads, and horses, back in the game. They came back very hard resulting coming out victorious over the visiting team, Argentina with a 5-7 final score.

“Having the opportunity of playing a High Goal match against a dynamic, passionate team such as the Argentines, and then still, coming out as the winners of the day made for an exceptional sporting polo weekend” said Tom De Bruin, the South Africa team Captain


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