For the Culture – AKA posts mystery women, Kgomotso Neto Verified & More
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Twitter was in a frenzy last night after AKA tweeted images of a mystery woman while celebrating his birthday. 


The rapper posted pictures from his recent birthday celebration and one picture caught attention for the woman’s resemblance to a mysterious lady captured smooching with AKA a week ago. 

A video of AKA locking lips with the woman in a restaurant surfaced online and left social media questioning the identity of the woman. While there are no further details about the video or the woman in it, many believe AKA’s latest snap shows the same woman from the video. 

Polygamy was another trending topic as tweeps voiced their varying opinions on the matter. 

Another hot topic was our toxic traits as people and tweeps voiced out what they think is toxic. 


We were also pleasantly surprised to see one of our favorite photographers, Kgomotso Neto, got verified. Shout out to the homie. 

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