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Vinolia Mashego, the actress, presenter and businesswoman who made her mark in the South African TV industry in 1980s and 1990s, passed away yesterday. 

V-Mash, as Mashego was affectionately known, was a prominent actress on various Sepedi SABC dramas in the 1980s. 

But it is as a presenter on music show Jam Alley that she is most famous for, so much so that even today, popular catchphrases such “azange bangani” she coined are still used and instantly linked to her. 

Before “IT” girls and TV influencers were a thing, there was V-Mash. 

Fans and media personalities have remembered her as a trailblazer in the industry. 


R.I.P V-Mash. 

Celebrity businesswoman Minnie Dlamini-Jones is helping fight Covid-19 with the launch of her own range of hand sanitizers. 

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the TV personality has added sanitizers to her signature MD Skincare range. 

The products launched last year already include body wash, soap and lotion. The MD hand sanitizer is alcohol-based. 

“It is something that was in the pipeline as a way to grow and diversify the MD product offering,” Dlamini-Jones said. 

The first production of the MD hand sanitizer will be distributed for free to underprivileged communities identified by the Red Cross to assist with a shortage in supply. 

Once the lockdown is over, she will explore ways to supply stores so the public can purchase the product. 

“Right now, our efforts are focused primarily on getting these products to underprivileged communities and to ensure everyone has sanitizer as an arsenal against this virus,” she said.

Well Done Minnie. 

The Splashy Fen music festival has been postponed to September. 

However, fans of the popular outdoor festival can still get a piece of the action this week without heading to the southern Drakensberg, where the event usually takes place every year. 

Attendees are even being encouraged to pitch tents in their bedrooms or lounges during the national lockdown and watch the festival online from 9 – 11 April. 

The online festival is free. Fans can tune in live on the Splashy Fen website or via YouTube. 

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