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By: Mbali Mbatha

Prior to boggling your brain with the words below, I would just like to commence by advising that I do not subscribe to any particular religion. Therefore, as you peruse, be mindful of the fact that this is by no means coming from a place of bias.

Christianity is very structured, with particular rules and regulations that those who call themselves “Born Again”, should abide by. Nowhere in the Holy Bible is one granted the option to be selective about the commandments and the manner in which one should carry oneself after having chosen Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. It is a commitment in which a person cannot have one foot in the House of Worship and another in a brothel; at least it shouldn’t be! While we’re on the subject of whore-houses, can somebody please explain to me the rationale (should there be any) behind people solely going to church to sass out the opposite (or same if they so please) sex? These are the members who make a Grand entrance, dressed to outshine, ensuring that their potential competition loses any chance they had of winning the affection of the intended. Whatever happened to malls, restaurants; or even genuinely falling in love with a man\ woman of God without screaming out your own availability to them? Go hunt in the proper wild, you fake ass!! I can safely (and boldly) say that I am glad I’m not God, for if I were to witness the entrance in my house; WHOA UNTO YOU!!

But let us be honest here. Who can blame the followers, if the Church elders themselves are making a name for themselves in making little boys perform the bedroom duties of a wife? These dirty so-called men of God, stand in a pulpit before an entire Congregation, shooting their mouths off about adultery and fidelity whose meaning they haven’t even looked up in a simple Oxford dictionary. Where the hell do they get off assuming that they have a clue what the deeper Biblical meaning of the words actually entails? Behind their white collars and crisp ironed Pastor’s uniform they hide perfectly, the fact that they were busy playing footie under their wives’ tables with the leader of the Women’s choir. As they stand there with their self-righteous demeanor, they put on an Oscar worthy performance of hiding how they often do more than just peek under the leading youth girl’s skirt.

Many Sundays my eyes have had the displeasure of encountering people with Bibles under their arms, with their best clothes on their backs, pretending to all that they are marching in the light of God towards the Holy House. On the surface, they have an Angelic way about them that makes you almost envy this beautiful discovery they made after successfully seeking the Kingdom of God. The superficial phonies! While making their way to the Holy House, they gossip their dirty, ungodly mouths shamelessly about the same people that they refer to as their friends. Last time i checked, God wasn’t exactly a big fan of two-faced bastards who smile in your face and spit behind your back. My dear reader, I am not even going to bore you by subjecting you to read about the fence-hanging, publically swearing mama’s who hide their lunacy behind their church uniform. Lest they hang on either sides of the fence about my lack of respect towards my elders!

Some are proud and self proclaimed drug users who every Sunday, shout “Jesus” at the top of their lungs to detoxify the previous night’s bump and grind. Temple of God my foot! Their excuse? “Jesus turned water into wine” Oh, I am not even going to pretend that I do not worship my tequila. The only difference is, I don’t wake up the next morning calling myself a woman of God and telling my fellow intoxicatees that they are doomed to the eternal flames of hell for not having remembered the Sabbath day.

Church uniform or not, most of the church attendees will be screaming right next to me when the serpent spits his dragon fire upon those of us you refer to as atheist, or heathens. If you cannot live by ALL the laws of Christianity, not some, ALL, then stop insulting God by hiding your filth behind his Holy name and leave Christianity to those who are able to make the commitment fully. Don’t even pretend to misunderstand me because you know very well that I am not simply talking about the normal “nobody is perfect, we all sin and make mistakes” kind of people. I am specifically referring to those of you who are not just making mistakes like everyone but walk around pretending to be holier than the rest of us while you constantly and KNOWINGLY feed more and more skeletons into your own closets. You know who you are!!

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