Fragrance and Attraction – How To Smell Good As A Man
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Ask any woman what she thinks is the most desirable trait in a man. The answer will vary from generosity, a charming smile or even a good choice in clothes. If you keep probing and dig a little deeper, she’ll probably tell you that a man with a good scent makes her weak at the knees.

It’s no secret that scent is closely linked to attraction, which is why antiperspirant and body spray are about more than just keeping you dry and masking body odour. Fragrance is similar to clothing in that regard: clothes are primarily meant to keep you warm, but that’s hardly top of mind when you’re buying an outfit. Good clothes convey a message about you, and the right fragrance is no different. So how do you use this knowledge to your advantage? Here are five ways to maximise the power of your scent to attract a partner:


Choose a Fragrance That Lasts All Day

What’s the point of using a fragrance if you’re going to have to keep respraying it throughout the day? Besides, who has the time to keep reaching for a can of body spray in the middle of the day? Opt for something that gets the job done with a few bursts; something along the lines of Axe Ice Chill. Besides lowering your body temperature by 6°C, it covers you with the fragrance of frozen mint and lemon for 48 hours.


Find Your Signature Scent

Are you subtle or direct? Spontaneous or deliberate? The right fragrance can say all those things about you better than you could. When you’re choosing a signature scent, make sure it’s a fragrance that says something about the kind of guy you are. Don’t rush the process. The point is to choose something you’ll use for a long time, so weigh up your options carefully.


Spray the Right Way

Plenty of people apply their fragrance to their clothes after they’ve given their body a good spray. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s not the best way to get the most out of fragrance. You should spray your fragrance directly on your torso and under your arms. When these parts of your body heat up, they let off more of your fragrance into your surroundings. Spraying on your clothes just doesn’t have the same effect.

The exact definition of a good fragrance varies from man to man but one thing is clear: every man should have a scent. Whether it’s woodsy, earthy or cirtusy, it comes down to preference. What matters most is that the fragrance should offer all-day freshness and say something about the type of guy you are. And even finding a signature scent takes a bit of time, the reward is way more valuable than the effort.


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