Free State Fashion Week (FSFW) Returns To The Business Of Fashion
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The Annual Free State Fashion Week makes its return this year alongside All Black Soiree for the 2022 edition

Gird your loins. arm all doors and cross check, the Free State Fashion Consortium is proud to announce the return of the annual Free State Fashion Week (FSFW) and has partnered with All Black Soiree for the 2022 edition.

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After taking a 2-year hiatus due to the COVID19 global pandemic, the fashion and lifestyle showcase will kick off what is said to be the most exciting return in the fashion calendar, with its 5th instalment, taking place at the Naval Hill, Planetarium, in Bloemfontein from the 28th of September – 1 October 2022.

With this year’s theme ‘Be Human’ inspired by surviving a global pandemic and life after a global pandemic, designers are challenged to combine it with African culture and heritage as well as diversity.

As All Black Soiree we are elated and honoured that Candy Smith has offered us the opportunity to partner with a phenomenal brand such as FSFW, one that seeks to emancipate young people economically, creatively and socially, by breaking pre historic barriers to entry. We look forward to a long-standing partnership which will birth many opportunities” Rapelang Khati, COO, All Black Soiree.

The Free State Fashion Show aims to showcase the best and most talented designers that Free State and South Africa has to offer

FSFW was founded in 2016 by Creative Entrepreneur and Award-winning businesswoman, Candy Smith. Aimed at showcasing the best and most talented designers that Free State and South Africa has to offer. The Free State Fashion Week encompasses the work of top and emerging local designers to further promote culture, diversity and creativity. Turning all eyes and bringing focus to creative talent in small towns.

“This year I want to encourage our Fashion entrepreneurs to pause for a minute, take a deep breath and ‘Be Human’. That’s exactly what the theme of 2022 wants to achieve. Everyone in the world has gone through so much, both in their personal and business lives, that we need to take a minute just to breathe and restart with new energy. It is time to rise from whatever we have lost throughout the pandemic and take our rightful place and still manage to Be Human. This will definitely reflect in the various designer collections this year” CEO, Candy Smith.

Images supplied: Eye Poetry

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