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Gaba Cannal And Zano Finally Release Their Joined EP Amapiano Love Affair



Its been a while since Gaba promised us the release of his joint project with renowned seasoned vocalist Zano. At the beginning of February, we caught word that Gaba Cannal and Zano were planning on releasing a joint EP titled ‘Amapiano Love Affair’. We thought maybe it was due to drop by Valentine last month but the month went by and Valentine came and went and we still had nothing from the guys.

To keep spirits up, he released ‘Amapinao Legacy’ volume one the mixtape and it was a banger as expected and housed what seemed to be the tracks from the upcoming EP with Zano.

For the past week, we have had time to listen and digest the five-track EP aptly titled ‘Amapiano Love Affair’. Turns out our previous predictions of what his first Amapiano Legacy mix which dropped on the 11th of February were on point.

Amapiano Love Affair EP

The five-track project does not give away much in terms of its title. When reading the title you would expect a full-on love project filled with endless romantic themes, however, this is not the case. The subject matter on this EP is all about hustle and working towards your goals. This is probably what Gaba Cannal and Zano have fallen in love with, Amapiano is the vehicle to relay this message.

However, it is strange having the urge to spend money but being motivated to do better with your life. We are not mad at this at all! Its just an interesting feeling and vibe that we have not seen much of in Amapiano (except for Nan Thula) considering the lifestyle attached to this genre.

Back to the music, the EP was engineered by Chymamusique. Sonically, the project is pristine and polished boasting in the newly developed and deeper elements of Amapiano. The EP sounds great and it is hard to pick any one track as a favorite as they all well put together and keep the spirit high.

Give it a try and let us know how you find it. Leave a comment below.

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