Generation Z is Redefining Beauty Standards
Published 9 months ago by

Meet Generation Z (AKA gen z), the generation that is confidently and boldly redefining global beauty standards through their open-minded attitudes and internet-driven culture. When Julia Roberts dared to grow and showcase her armpit hair at the 1999 Notting Hill premiere, pictures sent shock waves through the entertainment industry giant that is Hollywood. However, in today’s modern society such an event would be yawned at as the modern society which is largely driven by gen z ideals and attitudes encourages body positivity. In fact, in the year 2019 young women are going as far as softening their underarm hair by using “fur oil”. Models are getting signed for their unique uni-brows and blossoming bikini lines on social media are embraced. The overriding message presented by this young generation is that it is beautiful to embrace your most natural and raw self.

With today’s youth growing up in the digital age that is considered to have completely reshaped the landscape of marketing, no longer are people solely exposed to the rigid and highly filtered images of traditional marketing presented on mediums such as billboards. Today one can find various body positivity campaigns that advocate for anti-airbrushing within advertising.

Gen Z’s growing need to be heard has transcended through to the female gaze whereby young women are no longer only predicted through the male gaze. In essence, this movement of embracing one’s most natural and unfiltered self is all about exposing people to the great variety of the different types of beauty that exist. It is because of this reason that all-inclusive brands such Fenty prevail in such a competitive business environment, as they are highly authentic. Take Fenty for example, which chose to include a wide variety of different foundation shades to cater for all different skin tones. Ultimately, in the end, we all want to feel beautiful as our natural selves and generation z is making that happen one hair a time.

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