Genre Fluid Muzi Collaborates With 26 Creatives In #SAVETHENIGHT Meister Drop-In
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South African Genre Fluid DJ, Singer, Songwriter and Record Producer, MUZI, for his first #SAVETHENIGHT Meister Drop-In, created a brand new track titled ‘Tumelo’ with the contributions of 26 people in the Zoom room.

“This was a priceless moment. We created the track in just over an hour. Good times! Thank you Tumelo for hosting and Jägermeister #SAVETHENIGHT for making this possible,”

-expresses MUZI.

The track was named after Tumelo Peane who booked MUZI for the Drop-in and essentially acted as the Host. Tumelo is situated in Lüneburg, Germany, and had a great time creating this track with his friends and fellow South Africans back home.

“MUZI and his team ran this idea past us and we were excited for the concept to unfold, but we had no idea how exceptional both the experience and the end result would be!”

-explains Bea Theron, Jägermeister Experiential Manager, South Africa.

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With the global COVID-19 lockdown impacting the lives and livelihoods of millions, those working in clubs, bars, and nightlife-related creative industries are profoundly affected.

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