Going Organic Has Never Felt So Good, With Lola and Co Organics
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With so many products available in the market designed to suit a variety of skincare needs, it can sometimes be hard to find one that is accommodating for your skin type. And for Olwethu Ngcobo, the founder of hit skincare brand, Lola and Co Organics this was her case not too long ago.


After struggling for years with dry skin and spontaneous breakouts, Ngcobo decided to take matters into her own hands. With much research, Olwethu started to produce her own batches of organic skincare products to which she would make for only her close family and friends. However, after seeing how well received her products were by those that tried it, the business instinct in her came alive. It was at that point that Olwethu decided to take her organic skincare products to the next level by enrolling in a school that specializes in organic formulation in Cape Town. From there her business has since blossomed into an great success.

Lola and Co Organics offers a range of  100% organic and unisex skincare products that include handmade soaps as well as coffee body polishes that serve as a revitalizing exfoliator for any skin type.


“Lola and Co Organics is a lifestyle brand created for those who want to live an organic and clean life without spending a lot of money and also receive great results in the end. “

Olwethu Ngcobo

On the future of her brand, Olwethu hopes to use all the knowledge she has gained to teach and educate more people about the advantages of organic skincare products. She also aims to grow and develop the brand throughout the continent where it will reach  greater markets and make a difference on a larger scale.

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