PHOTOS: GRL PWR Empowerment Brunch
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IN PICTURES: Tumi Voster’s GRL PWR Empowerment Brunch

Do something that scares you every now and then. It will help to keep you set on your own path to success

So said award-winning actress Terry Pheto at the first of media personality, Tumi Voster’s GRL PWR Empowerment Brunch events held The Palazzo Hotel in Johannesburg on Sunday.  Hosted by Tumi, Terry was one of the keynote speakers, along with Sony Music Africa Marketing Director Aisha Mohamed; Personal Trainer and Adidas Ambassador, Mapule Ndhlovu; Design Essentials Marketing Director Zoe Dhlembeu and; Y Her Co-creator and Amazi Chief Business Officer, Katleho Tsoku.

Also attending the brunch at the elegant Rosa venue were Khanya Mkangisa, stylist Neo Kgolane, True Love beauty editor Lerato Seoue and socialite Fundi Kumalo. Created by Tumi as a platform to empower and inspire young women in different spheres of their lives through authentic dialogues, the GRL PWR Series event will be a safe space for women to grow, share, support and network through their various journeys.

With the event theme of “Building Your Own Success story”, Terry spoke on

Starting where you are, with what you have

Katleho Tsoku outlined how to find the

tools to overcome fears and challenges on the road to success


Building long term success

was the theme of Aisha Mohamed’s talk.

Mapule Ndhlovu spoke about

the importance of finding your purpose and passion

and Zoe Dhlembeu discussed;

how beauty empowers a woman to be the best version of herself

For a woman to find the path to success, she has to become that path

said Tumi.

She has to dream and treat her dream as a business. Yes there are setbacks and there are challenges but when we realize our vision, true potential and power within and engage with other successful women who have had a similar story, building their success by overcoming their trials to reach their goals – it gives others the strength to carry on.
That is the intention of the GRL PWR Series, I’m hoping that other young women will be inspired and impacted to know that we can achieve anything we put our minds to. A sisterhood and a movement has been created all through real conversations

Tumi adds.


The first GRL PWR Series will be available soon on Tumi Voster YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/tumivoster

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