Gugulethu Music Video Reaches 2.1 Million Views
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Since the release of Re’ Mmino Gugulethu has been dominating the South African Airwaves. To date, Gugulethu music video has managed to accumulate 2.1 million views on YouTube in about a month of its release. The success of Gugulethu is only overshadowed by the success of Fetch your Lifes sitting at 2.5 million views.

Gugulethu features Indlovukazi, Supta and the Afro Brothers and guest stars the Gqom Barbie TDK Macassette in the music video. Originally the song was solely DJ Supta and the Afro Brother and did not feature Indlovukazi and Prince Kaybee. The song was later picked up by Prince Kaybee and Indlovukazi was brought on board and added the now-iconic Gugulethu lyrics.

The location of the music video is set out in Cape Town in the namesake township Gugulethu. The video shows the township in it’s most colourful vibrant light. Showcasing the inhabitants as they would live out their weekends.

The captivating visuals keep one glued to their screen till the end with the different tails being told. From the young ladies taking a stroll in the neighbourhood and young men shooting dice on the street corner and the Kasi kings with cool rides.

This is video is just an everyday Kasi Story piled up into one and that is a story we need more of.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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