GUIDE: How To Get Playlisted On Radio As An Independent Artist
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Being indie isn’t easy but this info will help.

Independent artists go through a lot of challenges when it comes to releasing their music and reaching a larger audience. The challenge here is that in order to reach a much large audience, people have to hear about you and your music.

So it goes without saying that getting your music playlisted on the radio will help with reaching a much bigger crowd.

Before taking any major step like approaching a radio station for playlisting, you need to do this first;

  • Decide on a single track that you feel will build enough hype for your project if you are planning on releasing an album or EP.
  • Listen to different radio stations and understand their formats before submitting.

Bear in mind that not all radio station curate the same type of music. Every radio station has a different flavour and energy. You must submit to stations that cater for your target audience.

This will save you time and money as you won’t have to email or approach every station in South Africa. Check out this site that has all the radio stations that you need – radio monitor.

  • Make sure that the song that you are submitting is a radio friendly version that is not bigger than 5 MB – stations generally play songs that are around the three minute mark.

Important: do not bother sending in your music if it is not mastered and mixed professionally.

Your email should be short and concise, don’t forget to let them know as to who the email is coming from and send link that will give them access to a much larger format of your song.

Another thing, social media is an immensely strong platform as it gives you access to your favourite radio personalities. You can easily connect with them and get access to the music compiler through them.

Another Important Notice your music needs to be registered with SAMRO (THE SOUTHERN AFRICAN MUSIC RIGHTS ORGANISATION) and you have to send the registration number that you will receive after registration.

This will ensure that you receive royalties for your music. Check out the SAMRO website for more information HERE

You will also need an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code code) which protects your music from piracy. Check out RiSA for more information.

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