Hadithi ya Africa Encourages You To Tell Your Story Through “The Ultimate Storyteller Contest”
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Hadithi ya is running the Ultimate Storytelling Contest for the 2nd year in a row

The Ultimate Storyteller Contest is an African storytelling competition by Hadithi ya Africa. The competition will run online from July 1st to September 30th 2020.

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Storytelling has been the spine of African heritage for as long as Oral Tradition has had a voice. The passing down, through Storytelling, of knowledge, wisdom, and experiences from one generation to the next has been a way of preserving and advancing culture. It has also been a creation of a safe space for communities to tell their stories and lived experiences openly for the entertainment and education of the collective. This is the prime charge of Hadithiya Africa.

In its second year, the annual USC challenges storytellers to inspire audiences through their experiences. Storytellers will be trained in the art of storytelling to give you maximum impact while entertaining you with their adventures, steps and mishaps. Prepare to walk away feeling connected and some new perspectives about your own journey.

How To Enter

1. Record a 3-minute video of yourself telling the short version of your story.

2. Post the story on your Socials (Facebook, Instagram)

3. Add the following description: 

“Does my story deserve $1000? Click Share to tell #hadithiYaAfrica that I deserve to be the #UltimateStoryteller #USC” 

Applications close at midnight on the 1st Aug 2020

Our judges will receive a notification when you have completed the above. 30 Shortlisted candidates will be announced on the 17th August 2020

Contestants: USC is open to all African storytellers from within the African continent.

Prize: $1000 USD

For more information email [email protected] or call 0813808919.

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