One on One with Hair Expert Nonkululeko Mthimkulu
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Learn more about the hair transitioning process.

We had a chat with businesswoman and qualified L’oreal and Mizani hair expert Nonkululeko Mthimkulu of Confidence Hair Salon to teach us a thing or two about hair transitioning. 

She spills the beans about products to use and shares some tips for our sisters with receding hairlines.

The process behind hair transitioning

hair transitioning

Q: What is hair transitioning?

A: Transitioning is a simple process of growing out your natural texture before cutting off processed or damaged ends.

Q: How often can a client transition or is it a once off thing?

A: A client should transition until there is no processed / damaged hair left. So basically, you have to keep cutting off “ends“ until there’s only natural hair left.

Q: What’s the best tip to transition to natural hair?

A: There’s more than one tip : Firstly don’t set a time just yet. You don’t know when you’ll have 100% natural hair so give yourself at least four months, by then you should have enough growth to get excited. Secondly keep your scalp and your hair clean and moisturized. Wind down your heat usage and always use heat protecting products. Make sure to protect your edges and don’t forget to gradually cut damaged ends.

hair transitioning

Q: Which product does one use for transitioning the hair?

A: Hair textures are different so it’s very important for one to know their hair texture so they can use a product that’s good for their hair texture. I use Mizani’s BondpHORCE products. They have a pH bonding complex which protects my hair from damage.

hair transitioning

Q: When one transitions, are they limited to one hairstyle or can they test the waters and try a couple?

A: Find your go-to transitioning hairstyle. The goal is to blend two different textures of hair into one e.g do free hand plaits , Bantu knots, twist out etc. These stretched styles will help make your two different textures have a unified curl pattern.

Q: What tips can you give to women with receding edges but are sceptical about the big chop?

A: Take care of your scalp to help grow your edges, avoid doing hairstyles that will strain your hair and damage your scalp. Your edges are  sensitive and it’s easy for them to get damaged. So take care of your edges.

hair transitioning

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