Happy Birthday To Una Rams!
Published 3 years ago by

Happy 22nd Birthday Venda Pop Star, Una Rams, here are some of our favorite songs and videos from the rising star.

Una Rams has been on our radar for a while now and we’ve enjoyed his growth in the music, from being endorsed by Black Coffee himself to breaking out creatively and carving his own lane. It’s not always easy for an artist to shine on their own and bask in their own glory, especially if your mentor is Black Coffee.

How Una has grown as an artist is quite apparent in his music videos. The execution is now clearer and more mature we would say. The video for ‘Nobody’ is a testament to this. He rap/sings to the camera with conviction and emotion, further driving the message of the song together with the video forward.

Enjoy the loosely together playlist of Una Rams jams as we celebrate his birthday with him.



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