Have You Ever Wondered What Makes A Music Festival Great?
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Cotton Fest is almost upon us and we weigh in on what makes this event a success

Have you ever wondered what makes a great concert? With the second edition of Cotton Festival happening this weekend, we thought we should decode what about the music festival was such a hit in 2019 that it garnered a second edition. Is it the music, the crowd, the production or the opportune time for a music festival of its kind to be held? We answer all these questions and juxtapose them against the biggest, long running music festivals in the world.

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Music festivals are the best places for one to release their inhibitions and just be themselves. There is something about voluntarily going out to meet a crowd of people and just get lost in the music and dance until you sweat. Think about why music festival such as Coachella, Glastunbury or Afropunk are arguably some of the best festivals in the world.

Sure, some people attend these festivals to see their favourite artists perform and others may go because it would be a “cool” thing to be seen at the festival. But the one take away, from the articles I’ve read about these mega festivals, people attend and keep going back to music festivals because of the ambience created and the experience taken from it.

South Africa has officially entered the golden era of music festivals

Cotton Fest has captured an audience which was largely not catered to in the grand scheme of festivals in the country. Sure there are fests like Rocking The Daisies, Afropunk and Back To The city, but none quite that capture the market that Cotton Fest continues to engage. Riky Rick has managed to create a space where music, fashion and raw talent can interact, something which is an extension of his brand as a musician.  

Speaking to online platform, Texx And The City, he emphasises that Cotton Fest is for the kids.

“Cotton Fest is for us. It’s for all the Braam Kids who are at the forefront if trends and the backbone of the Hip Hop industry. It’s about shifting perspectives to recognize that we are the biggest drivers of the culture in this country and that we need to create events that cater to this market.”

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Location and accessibility is key

Location is key in hosting a good music festival. And mind you, location isn’t only about having scenic surroundings it’s actually about being accessible. Cotton Fest is hosted in Newtown, a central place for people travelling from all over Johannesburg.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Have you ever heard of the saying, your vibe attracts your tribe? Besides the music, Cotton Fest attracts a crowd of young, fashionable music lovers who are also creatives. It’s the kind of people who attend it who make Cotton Fest such a sought after event. This is where the integrity of the message of the overall festival lies.

The music is just as important

The core of Cotton Fest is the music. And not just from mainstream artists but the ones who are bubbling under and making the most impact on the internet. The undiscovered gems who command an audience and have just as compelling and engaging performances.

The best music festivals in the world aren’t necessarily the largest, it’s the ones that change the goers and inspire them to do better. Cotton Fest is shifting the culture and this is what makes it a coveted space to be in. 

Will you be attending? 

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