Have You Peeped Solo & The BETR Gang’s Latest Video?
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We know we love great music and if the video is dope than that is even better! We just peeped a video from Solo and the BETR Gang titled Caffeine And Other Drugs featuring Reason and Moozlie.

BETR Gang is a Jozi based crew which consists of Solo, Buks, Solid, AlDa3rd and Th&o. Their name is an acronym which stands for “Body Every Thing Right” and they make glorious music. The crew recently dropped a concept album, Tour Dates, and the first single and video to drop is titled Caffeine and Other Drugs.

Much like the work and thought which went into the album, the video is also something to behold. The concept of the song is in such a way that it allows the different rappers to interpret the “other drugs” part. For Reason it’s money, for Moozlie it’s fashion and for Kid X, it is the rap game.

The video has a grainy and textured quality about it which makes to seem like it is authentic. The story line is also told from an authentic point of view and shot to look like a small portion of a bigger movie story.

The story, from what we could interpret, is that Solo, the BETR Gang, Reason, Moozlie and Kid X went on a heist and Reason ended up in prison. The rest of the video we see Moozlie and Kid X rolling around in a drop top and the rest of the gents preparing for a drop to split the guap.

Although the acting in this was a bit cringeworthy we can give the gents and the lady credit for the part they play in this video. I would actually like to see how the story pans out from this point. 

The video was directed by Scott Ross and Mandla N and produced by Puleng Khabutlane.  

Peep the video below!


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