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SPOTTED Mzansi's sexiest 2016 party! Emtee the rapper (2)

Celebrities are human too and they have human feelings and we, the fans, sometimes seem to forget that. How many of us have contacted our favourite celebrity in a bid to work with them or to comment on the current state of their lives or their body of work. We may have overstepped the boundaries a little and this may have resulted in us getting an understandable snotty remark from our  favourite celebs. Below is a list of the funny remarks that our celebrities have made to their fans this past week.

Metro FM Music Awards NOMINEES - Emtee

Rapper Emtee may be award winning and humble but he has witty retorts for daaaaaaaaayz! It all began when one fan commented that Avery is the best album ever. This didn’t sit well with one tweep who responded by saying “ya’ll must have been smoking some weed”. This is how the rapper responded.

Spotted Kenny Kunene’s roast (3)The infamous baby mama Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka is feisty but this tweet is kinda sweet compared to the responses that she often gives out. This twitter user posted an incomprehensible tweet that even we couldn’t make sense of.

“Go. Fck. Yourselves” says Euphonik

DJ Euphonik asked tweeps why they are not sleeping and one commented that she’s “Eating doughnuts to console my sexual frustration. Kubi!”. And that explains Euphonik’s tweet below. Lol, who says things like “umdavazo” though?

Atandwa Kani

The Prince of Theatre, Atandwa Kani, has had his fair share of drama and controversy concerning the whole Thembisa Mdoda and the twins issue this week. His responses on twitter were a bit cold but that’s understandable. This one made us laugh out loud when a fan spoke about how he knew that Thembisa was intimately involved with someone else but Atandwa didn’t use protection.

SPOTTED Metro FM Music Awards Nominees Party (5) LootLove

Luthando Shosha aka LootLove tweeted this after a fan questioned the lootings happening in Pretoria and asked if the television presenter is not responsible for them.

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