How To Avoid and Treat Mosquito Bite Scarring This Summer
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It’s about that time of season where sleeping at night becomes a little bit of a nightmare with the intense humidity and of course those sneaky mosquitoes. There’s no worse feeling than waking up in the morning to a mountain range of mosquito bites on your body that are not only itchy but leave multiple scars behind too. So to help you guys out with this problem, we’ve prepared a couple of helpful tips and tricks to get you sleeping more peacefully this summer.

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Prevention is better than cure they always say, so here are a few preventative measures you can take to stop those mosquitoes before they get to you.

Plug In Mosquito Repellents

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The first tip would be to invest in some plug in mosquito repellents. Not only are they super convenient and easy to use they are also easily accessible because for just R5o.00 you can sleep mosquito free through the whole night. However if your into the more natural way of repelling mosquitoes a good alternative would be to use lavender. According to research, crushed lavender flowers are known for producing a fragrance and oil that helps to repel mosquitoes. The lavender contains analgesic, antiseptic as well as anti-fungal properties which means that it also possesses the ability to soothe the skin while preventing mosquito bites.


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Another good idea would be to invest in some Peaceful Sleep which you can find at almost any local pharmacy such as DisChem or Clicks.

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Now for the actual mosquito bite treatments. Firstly, avoid scratching as this can cause skin trauma giving rise to hyperpigmentation. As an alternative, try using an anti-itch cream that you can find at your local pharmacy should the urge to scratch get more intense.

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Some helpful tips in avoiding and reducing hyperpigmentation from mosquito bite scarring include :

  • Wash and clean the bite right away to stop the spread of bacteria
  • Exfoliate the affected area to help shed the upper layer scarred skin as well as to promote new skin growth
  • Moisturize with rich creams such as cocoa butter or shea butter which are rich with nutrients for the skin and that also enable skin to heal better
  • Massage the mosquito bites as this will aid in increasing blood flow in that area which helps to keep the skin nourished.
  • Apply sunscreen over the scars to avoid further hyperpigmentation from the sun’s UV rays.

There you have it. Your summer mosquito bite survival kit.

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