HOW TO: Here Are Four Easy Steps On How To Secure A Gig
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A live performance is the best way for an artist to engage with his or her fans, it is an experience for the performer and the and the crowd, live performances are also great for promoting your music.

When you are an up-and-coming artist it is always best to do Promo Shows, a promo show is an opportunity presented to an artist to perform in front of a crowd for no fee. This is the best way to build a fan base and capture good performance material to use for pitching later. Check out the 4 steps below!

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Step 1: Technical and hospitality rider/ Rate Card

A technical rider is all the material you need to execute your performance, if you are performing with a band your tech rider will include things like a drum set, a bass guitar for example. Add things like mics (mention how many), lights, smoke machines etc. A hospitality rider includes drinks and food of preference as well as accommodation notes, like hotel room needs to be sterilized for example. It is wise to have more than one hospitality and tech rider suitable for each venue. A club performance will not have the same requirements as a performance at a music festival. A rate card is self-explanatory, it is how much you charge per shows, just like a rider, have more than one rate card, ensure that these are saved on three different documents in PDF, add colour and images (matching your brand).

Step 2: The Pitch

Promoters and owners just want to fill up the events and venues, so your brand matters. Pitching yourself to promoters is like pitching to traditional media or to a brand, you need to provide them with good reasons why they should book you, and how your presence will be beneficial for the venue or event. Send your music, performance clips and Press Kit, the aim is to build a relationship so keep it professional.

Step 3: Contract

Once you have pitched and they are happy to have you on their line-up, you draw up a contract, include every detail that was discussed about the gig, payment and other arrangements, riders etc. Both parties must sign the agreement and a full or 50% deposit should be paid to the artist before the venue can share any promo material with the public.

Step 4: Confirmation

The last and final step is getting promo material from the venue/ event, have a good show!

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